Our stockists.

Where to find our eggs?

We have some great businesses across regional Qld that use our produce on their menu or sell them to their retail customers. You’ll find our eggs at the following outlets across the Darling Downs and Western Downs:

Donnelly Fresh Fruit & Veg – 4/238 Taylor St, Wyalla Plaza

WholeLife Healthfoods Markets Grand Central – Shop 2039/2040

Westridge Fruit & Veg, Westridge Plaza www.westridgefruit.com.au 

Chinchilla Farmers Market – Warrego Highway Chinchilla

Gleeson Quality Meats – 91 Heeney St Chinchilla

Great Western Motor Inn – Warrego Highway 

Highfields WholeLife Pharmacy & Healthfoods

T & J Butchery – 24 Murilla Street Miles

Kingaroy Discount Drug Store & Healthfoods 

Interested to have KC Ridge pastured free-range eggs on your shelves?

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Why Pastured Eggs?

Taste & Nutrition

You will notice the difference both in how our pastured eggs look and how they taste, and your body will appreciate the true nutritional value of an egg from a hen having lived in her natural environment


Our regenerative approach to farming sees the animals regularly rotated through paddocks ensuring they have constant natural grass forage.

Happy Hens

Our hens have space to roam. We limit stock to 100 hens per hectare, compared to many large commercial Free Range producers that stock up to 10,000 per hectare. Choose pastured free range eggs.

“playing our part to help the planet."

All our retail egg cartons are recycled CLEAR PLASTIC produced using 100% recycled post consumer material (plastic water bottles and other household items) and are 100% recyclable.

Earth friendly packaging

100% Recycled Plastic

All our retail egg cartons are CLEAR PLASTIC produced using 100% recycled post consumer material (plastic water bottles) and are 100% recyclable; any waste from production is reused in the process immediately, with zero waste or new material added. .

Reduced Egg Breakage

The clear 100% recycled plastic egg cartons keep our eggs safe from breakages which helps minimise food waste, which is a major issue in the discussion about environmental impact of our daily life.

See the Eggs

Our clear recycled packaging allows customers to see the eggs and check if any are broken without needing to open the carton and touch the eggs.