Dear Valued Customer,
Firstly, thankyou for your support over the last 8 years of our farming journey, it has been a wild ride but we have enjoyed being able to supply your family with wholesome healthy food that is regenerating our land for future generations.
After 8 months of egg shortages, we have made the hard decision to stop our home delivery service, effective March 24.
It has been a very stressful period with more orders than eggs produced, and we hate to disappoint or inconvenience any of our customers. We have tried very hard to fix the problems in our system, but with both the weather, feed and hen suppliers outside our control, it’s made it difficult to keep consistency in supply.
We will cancel your subscription, so no additional payments are deducted from your account.
You will be still able to get our eggs from your local stores, Check our stockist list for details. 

Thankyou again for your support
Kevin & Cara Jackson