Our pigs.

Our pigs

Our pigs live their lives on pasture, free to forage and roam. Our rotational grazing practice sees the pigs regularly moved to new paddocks giving them constant access to fresh grass and soil. Our pigs are pasture-adapted, ready for your farm. 

We run a mixed herd of Duroc, Hampshire, Large White, Saddleback and F1 cross sows. This planned crossbreeding system promotes hybrid vigor in our pigs with each breed selected for specific traits. We also use Artificial Insemination (AI) to broaden our genetic option.

Why cross breeding works?

  • Fast growing piglets
  • Heavier piglets at weaning & slaughter
  • Pastured adapted
  • Better carcass characteristics
  • Better feed conversion
  • More flexibility for your slaughter timeframe

We supply live weaner pigs to farms all across Australia

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Weaner pigs

Pasture Adapted

Our weaner pigs are pasture ready, not requiring an adjustment period once on farm. They have been bred outdoors and raised with pasture based production system in mind.

Climate Adapted

Our cross bred piglets carry enough colour to help minimise sunburn and heat stress. This combined with the hybrid vigour produce well rounded hams with a thick set shoulder and long loin.

Our breeds


The Duroc are large framed and muscular and a very hardy outdoor breed, out of all the breeds it has the best intramuscular fat (marbling). This breed is of very good behaviour with a relatively calm temperament.


The Hampshire is known and noted for being rapid growers and well-muscled combined with the coloured marking make great outdoor pigs for pastured operations. The pigs have great length with solid feet and legs, making the breed popular purebred or F1 Cross for meat production.

Large White

The Large White is known for it’s lean carcass, and expectation growth rates and can thrive in the outdoor environment when cross bred against some of the coloured breeds. It can withstand variations in climate and environment.

Wessex Saddleback

The Wessex Saddleback is a hardy breed who thrive outdoors and have exceptional mothering instincts and milk production with depth of body and soft underline.


“Free to roam and grow naturally.”

We move our pigs regularly to new paddocks giving them constant access to fresh grass and undisturbed soil. This means happier pigs and regeneration of our land.

Natural and safe farrowing

Our gestating sows are fully free range with free access to pasture, shade, shelter and wallows. When time to farrow our sows find their way to our moveable huts and shelters out in the paddocks. This provides a safe and warm environment for farrowing sows out of the weather keeping both the sow and the litter comfortable. With farrowing and nursing being an instinctive activity, we only assist when complications are evident.

Once weaned, all our pigs are grown outdoors in free to roam spacious paddocks. We castrate our pigs but do not dock tails or clip teeth. You can find out more about how we rear our pigs and the way they live on Sustainability >

“fast growing and perform outdoors"

We supply live weaner pigs to farms all across Australia with pigs that have the adaptability to perform in the outdoor environment. Bred-outdoors they are pasture-ready.

Health and nutrition

Our feeding regime promotes a high level of foraging, feeding our pigs a supplemental feed twice daily of grain. No growth promoters, hormones or antibiotics are used in our feed.

All our pigs are vaccinated and wormed to ensure they are in the best possible health. Pigs are vaccinated for prevention against leptospirosis as well as swine erysipelas (Lepto-Eryvac® vaccine) plus future breeding stock vaccinated to prevent parvovirus (Porcine Parvac® vaccine). This ensures our pigs are as healthy as possible.

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