Home Egg Subscription

From: $7.50 / month

Fresh pastured farm eggs delivered regularly to your door.

Chinchilla – weekly, Toowoomba, Dalby and between – fortnightly on a Sunday.

Our subscription service is the most affordable way to enjoy your farm fresh pastured eggs. Simply select your ‘delivery run’ tell us how often you’d like us to deliver, and then click ‘Buy now’.


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Have your KC Ridge pastured eggs delivered from our farm to you on a regular basis.
Our Family Tray of 30 eggs is our most popular or select our dozen egg carton.

The best eggs for you and your family:

  • Our happy hens are free to roam with 100 hens per hectare
  • We hand collect the eggs every day on our farm
  • You will taste the difference – our eggs are consistently rich and flavourful.
  • Perfect eggs for poaching and frying.
  • Nutrionally dense, having twice the Vitamin E and beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids than conventional eggs.

Your body will appreciate the true nutritional value of an egg from a hen having lived in her natural environment. 

We’ve designed our subscription service so you can be super flexible. Our goal is to deliver the best tasting and nutritious eggs for you and your family, there are no commitments and we allow you to change your order frequency (or cancel) at any time. To make a change just log in to your account.

Delivery Run

Chinchilla, Chinchilla – Dalby – Toowoomba, Chinchilla – Miles – Roma

Delivery Frequency

Weekly Delivery, Fortnightly Delivery, Monthly Delivery

Dozen / Family Tray

Carton of 12, Tray of 30